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Spring and Easter

Spring and Easter (55)

Spring is finally here!!! Welcoming a little bit of warmth to the Easter season....joyous wishes to our Scandinavian families!

Games & Toys

Games & Toys...

Games & Toys

Books & Calendars

Books & Calendars...

Books & Calendars  - A collection of Scandinavian books for young readers.  It doesn't take much to keep boredom at bay...cheerful children's tales about the delights of the imagination.   


2014 Calendars with Scandinavian themes from Sweden and Norway.

Straw Goats & More

Straw Goats & More...

Look for our new straw items for Christmas 2013!

Straw Animals have been part of Scandinavian celebration for hundreds of years, particularly the Julbock (Christmas Goat), also known as the Straw Goat. We have it available in many sizes and shapes, Christmas ornaments and more… Click here to learn more about the Straw Goat (or Julbock).

Tomte, Jultomtar, Nisse & Pixy Santas

Tomte, Jultomtar, Nisse & Pixy Santas...

The Tomte (or Nisse for the Norwegians) is one of the most familiar mythological creatures of Scandinavian folklore. From the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson, to the Tomten poem by Viktor Rydberg, to the artwork of Jenny Nystrom, the tomte/nisse is in so many ways a part of the Scandinavian mythological soul. Click here to learn more about the Tomte...

Paper Napkins & Plates

Paper Napkins & Plates...

Create a formal table setting for everyday or the Holidays. Paper plates and napkins from Caspari.. Spend less time cleaning up and more time with friends and family. Caspari paper plates are printed in the USA using non-toxic, water-soluble dyes on sturdy paper boards. Our Paper Napkins are printed in Scandinavia and Germany using the softest tissue printable

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments...

Scandinavian Christmas ornaments are plentiful at ScandinavianShoppe...handmade of wood, pewter, straw and fabrics, your Yule Tree/Christmas Tree will be adorned this year with imported variety and beauty. To learn more about the Christmas/Yule Tree tree click here

By Country

By Country...

Scandinavian or not, shopping and choosing a gift has never been easier when you shop by country. We have taken all the guess work out and made it easy to shop by giving you great Scandinavian designs from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. To learn more about the countries of Scandinavia click here

Bath & Body

Bath & Body (33)

Scandinavian Soaps for an invigorating and refreshing shower or lather up for a skin-healthy shave.

Thor - Viking

Thor - Viking (50)

The Legend of Thor. God of Thunder. One of Scandinavia's most famous leaders, Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and son of Odin and Jord, the Earth goddess, was the strongest of all the gods. It was believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor rode through the heavens on his chariot and when he threw his hammer, lightning flashed. Whenever he threw his hammer it would come back to him and thus symbolized lightning. Thor lives on through our calendar. The day Thursday was derived from "Thor's Day". Thor was also one of Sweden’s most famous leaders, and still today his name is directly associated with Thunder. Steel was needed to produce hardy weapons. As one story goes, Thor was a very popular man in Scandinavia. The Goth’s were metal workers and Thor was one of their best steel and alloy workers. The thunderous sound that Thor’s hammer made while working produced works that were the admiration of every age.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen...

The Scandinavian kitchen is the family room and we have almost everything to help create a feast for any table.  Kitchen utensils, linens and cookware keep a working kitchen functional. For a delicious almond cake recipe click here

Cards & Stationery

Cards & Stationery...

The art of social expression is being maintained at Scandinavian Shoppe.com. We have an extensive collection of greeting cards, notes and stationery items from Sweden and the USA.


Flags (73)

The flags of Scandinavia...they are beautiful and have particular meaning to each one of us.  Proud Scandinavians can show their true colors with a flag from ScandinavianShoppe.com. We are your flag destination source with many different sizes for both indoor and outdoor use.  Table flags, flag toothpicks, flags on string, garlands, paper goods, suncatchers, banners, decals and stickers.  We have it all.  Jewelry and souvenirs too.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels (30)

Kitchen, tea or dish towels - 100% Cotton - Traditional and modern designs for a beautiful Scandinavian home...

Linnea Flower

Linnea Flower (3)

If you were walking in the countryside of deep northern spruce forests, the linnea flower can be found and is a delicate wild plant. The national flower of Sweden, the linnea are pink, bell-like, very fragrant and grow in pairs.  Linnea is the most popular girls name in Sweden.  The Linnea Flower was named after the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus and also refers to "lime" or "linden tree."  Christian Bjork also has made the name Linnea famous with his series of childrens books. To learn more click here

New & Exciting

New & Exciting (523)

New and exciting products from many artists have been arriving throughout the winter. We are finding new and exiting things at every trade show we visit.  Norwegian and Swedish calendars, new christmas ornaments from Sweden and Denmark. New Swedish Dream bath and body, Scandinavian towels and dishcloths, tomtes, straw items, candleholders, Norsk viking stuff, dala horse goodies, Swedish jewelry, and Lucia too...God Jul

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories...

Winter knit caps with Scandinavian themes...Norse T-Shirts and Scandinavian designs for your Holiday gift giving. Take a tour of our collection and show your Scandinavian on a tee-shirt or cap.



Made in Sweden, our suppliers produce pewter jewelry for the Scandinavian market. Handmade pewter pendants, pewter pins and pewter earrings are all part of our Swedish jewelry line. Attention to detail, design and high quality standards identify our Scandinavian Jewelry.
To learn more about pewter jewelry click here

Lucia & Lucia Crown

Lucia & Lucia Crown...

Santa Lucia’s coming begins feasting, merriment, singing and the spirit of friendliness and goodwill that lasts throughout the Holiday season.  According to legend, Lucia was a medieval saint who carried food and drink to hungry folk in the province of Varmland during a period of famine.  She was seen across Lake Vanern with her white gown and crown of lights.  This gesture to bring warmth and light on the darkest and longest day of the solstace is still celebrated today.  There are many legends, but in each one Lucia stands for the symbol of light and hope to all mankind. click here to learn more

Home & Table

Home & Table...

Scandinavian Shoppe.com is interested in your home and the decor. We have an extensive collection of accessories including everyday linens for the table as well as holiday decorations to accent your heritage…Tack, tack!

Dala Horse

Dala Horse...

The Dala Horse, sometimes spelled Dalahorse, is a National icon in Sweden. Through the years, the horse has become the sign of good luck and these carvings are often given as gifts for hosts, family and friends. To learn more click here



Need a souvenir for your favorite Scandinavian who is proud of his country of origin…Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland, we have helmets, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, decals & more.... Scandinavian Souvenirs !



In Scandinavia the Moose is the "King of the Forest.”  Bring your binoculars, set yourself down, preferably by a field of oats, at daybreak one August morning, and you’ll have a good chance of seeing our handsome, antler-crowned friend. To learn more about the world of moose click here

God Jul

God Jul...

Charles Dickens wrote: "I will hold Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year!" God Jul from Scandinavian Shoppe.com - To learn more about Yule/God Jul click here

Jul & Christmas

Jul & Christmas...

God Jul from Scandinavian Shoppe...Christmas time is the most joyous time of year.  As traditional as exchanging kisses beneath the mistletoe. It is said that in Scandinavia, mistletoe was associated with peace and friendship. Give Scandinavian gifts this year for Jul.



Along many neighborhood streets of Denmark you will see heart baskets and lights adorned in windows  signifiying the coming of the Holidays. The heart basket is a traditional tree decoration and place for keep-sakes.  To learn how to make a heart basket click here

Carl Larsson Collection

Carl Larsson Collection (7)

Carl Larsson was born May 28, 1853 in old Stockholm. He was from a broken home but had a loving mother who cared for he and his brother Johan. They were very poor and at a young age developed extreme artistic talent which he took with him at age 13 to the Royal Academy of the Arts. In time he worked as an illustrator for a news paper and helped support the family. After several years he moved to Paris to hone his skills and at a Scandinavian atrists colony outside Paris he met his wife Karin Bergoo. This was the turning point in his artistic career. She became his inspiration and in watercolor he painted some of his most important works. They had eight children together and his family became his most favorite models. He passed away January 22, 1919.